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Accent Reduction Services

Do others have difficulty understanding you?

Do you have great ideas but struggle to get your ideas across to peers, customers, or business/academic leaders?

Do people often ask you to repeat yourself?

Strong accents can cause severe communication difficulties in the workplace and the classroom.  Accents involve a combination of different intonation or pitch patterns, mispronunciation of sounds, rapid rates of speech, and poor voice projection.  

Employees and students with excellent technical, managerial, or academic skills may not be able to express themselves clearly in spoken English to colleagues, customers, professors, or employers due to a heavy accent.  This may result in loss of self-confidence, promotion, or employment altogether.

Accent reduction or modification training helps clients become better communicators of Standard American English without losing their cultural identity.  Speech Language Pathologists are uniquely trained and qualified to help clients achieve success.


Patty Beal, MS, CCC-SLP, P-ESL certified

Your primary instructor, Patty Beal, has been a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) for over 20 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from University of Hawaii-Manoa. Patty holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech Language Hearing Association and is a certified Pronouncing English as a Second Language Accent (P-ESL) Modification Instructor.  She is currently licensed in California, Idaho, Minnesota, and Georgia and has held licenses in 6 other states. 

Patty has worked with a variety of clients in universities, clinics, schools, hospitals, telepractice, and corporate settings.  Accent reduction clients include professors, university students, NATO Allied Joint Force Command Naples Italy personnel, as well as business, medical, and technology professionals.  Patty uses her communication sciences background and teaching experiences to support clients in using better, clearer, and more effective speaking skills


How does it work?

Click on the "Free Screening" link above for a no obligation online screening, or email patty@ProfessionalAccentReduction.com for more information.  Once your screening recording is received, your instructor will contact you by email, phone, or web conferencing for a free consultation to discuss the screening results and determine which accent reduction service may work best for you.  

Follow-up sessions will consist of training in auditory discrimination, sound productions, pronunciation, Standard American English intonation and pitch patterns, and voice projection.  Techniques and goals will be determined by individual needs.  Home practice materials will be provided. Sessions are individual and may be held via Zoom/Skype Business video conferencing or on site for corporate clients.  A computer with web cam and microphone is necessary for the online accent reduction course sessions. 

Corporate clients please contact Professional Accent Reduction if you are interested in arranging accent reduction training sessions across your organization.